The Potential Risks Involved In Business Process Outsourcing

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The key to the success of any business nowadays is improved customer service, and surveys show that the figures are spiking especially among the younger generation. One of the ways companies or businesses do this is by business process outsourcing (BPO) as it helps them to face challenges regarding consumer experience and expectations. Besides, BPO offers many benefits like cost efficiency, immediate access to expertise, round the clock customer service, etc., resulting in improved organizational efficiency. However, there are risks involved in outsourcing business processes, and the purpose of this article is to investigate them.

The Risk Of Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing companies perform tasks based on a mutually agreed standard with their partner. Also, BPO tasks follow a stable and predictable workflow based on established costs between the two parties. Everything is fine if the two conditions that were mentioned earlier holds. However,in unhealthy BPO partnerships, one of the partners deviates from these conditions resulting in failing standards affecting the operations. This causes a fall in revenues because of the decline in customer service. As a result, it affects the integrity of the company and the brand image as well.

Business Process Outsourcing Operational Risks

The risks in operation often involve a drop in organizational efficiency and quality of services. It should be kept in mind that when the two partners are involved in business process outsourcing, a slight degree of variability in the quality of services is to be expected. But, the margin for this variance is very narrow, and this is because customer satisfaction and experience are of the utmost priority for modern organizations. Also, businesses should know that by hiring the services of business process outsourcing companies, they are depending on a third party to fulfill their obligation to the customer. Hence, there must be sufficient visibility into the operations of the BPO partner to ensure quality customer service.

Visibility Of Business Process Outsourcing

To ensure the quality of customer service, BPO companies must reveal their processes to their partner. Also, this allows for addressing inconsistencies in-process quality over time. It can be done by incorporating a performance-based contract in the partnership. Also, the organization should ask for scheduled reporting to evaluate ongoing performance, it should be involved in the governance plan with the BPO partner, and be a proactive partner in business reviews. Above all, companies must do thorough research about potential business process outsourcing companies that they are interested to have a partnership with.

Security Risk

Business process outsourcing often involves the sharing of proprietary and privileged organizational information with the BPO partner. So, companies must ensure the security of this information by signing a confidentiality contract with their partner.

These are the potential risks that companies might come across when outsourcing any of their business processes.

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