4 Things To Consider While Outsourcing Your Blog

For many of us, blog writing is an undying passion that fuels us. For many others, it is a means to make a living. But why can’t you do both? There is no denying that maintaining and writing a blog is no menial task. You have to continually push out quality content that is both well researched and thoroughly concise. You will have to make changes to your WordPress platform, respond and intimate with your readers, moderate comments to ensure that spam and unwelcomed comments go in the trash can. All of this can be quite time consuming and can eat well into your day. We haven’t even started with the thought of promoting and monetizing your website or blog, which is even more of a hassle!

As you start setting up multiple blogs, and your existing blogs begin to eventually grow out and spread, things will start getting more demanding. That is why we need to make a plan B to combat the eventualities. In the same way how entrepreneurs outsource marketing, the advantages of outsourcing your blog would surely have whizzed past your mind. However let me jolt you with little things here and there that you need to consider before you take that step!

How Invested Your Readers Are To Your Work

When beginning on your journey to blog, know for a fact that your readers are invested in the growing process with you. They have become accustomed to your writing style and tonality, which was the sole reason for your reader base to grow and your blog to pull in traffic numbers in the thousand. You have created a personal brand value to your blog of sort. Job well done!

But, what if you want to outsource and bring in guest writers but are wary of the possibility of an uproar?

That Depends on your niche and the relation you have made with your reader base. If the blog is a living breathing embodiment of your personality then there will surely be unrest. But rest assured, over time the storm will pass! Nobody is fond of change. Ask newton! But change is inevitable.

Now, What if your blog is just picking up and the quanta of your audience runs only in the double digits? As imagined, it is much easier then. Find bloggers or freelancer that mimics your style of writing and tone.

TheBlogger You Need To Hire To Get The Job Done

Depends on what your niche is. You can’t be expected to pick up any tom, dick and harry. You’ll need to get somebody on board who shares your vision and appetite for what you envision your brand to become.

  • Does the blogger have any prior knowledge regarding the niche you’re targeting?
  • Does the blogger have the experience to back it all?
  • Has the blogger been involved in similar ventures?
  • Does the blogger fit into your scheme of brand building?

Somebody who is as excited as you are, and stays true to your cause?

Yes, Please!

When you find someone who fits these criteria, then you have your man/woman!

How Much Can You Make Their Pockets Jingle, Is The Name Of The Game

With quality, comes a price. Do know that the more you pay, the more you earn.

By that I mean, if you are willing to shell out for talented bloggers, then you know all too well they will commit to the task at hand like their life depended on it. Not all bloggers want to be paid in cash. They may sometime have their own blog towards which they wish to drive traffic, or they have an e-commerce store that they want to advertise. Some of them may need publication rights for the same. Talk to them, and negotiate sensibly keeping their skills and what they bring to the table blaring in your mind!

Know When To Hit The Brakes

Like all things in life, some decisions lead to a plunge while others fare better. Know well that there are chances that your attempt to outsource your blog may not lift off. Your reader base may have started looking the other way or traffic may have gone down. Either way, relax! You’re an e-commerce entrepreneur who will have ups and down in his quest. You can always go back to your previous strategy and start putting in your own sweat, blood and tears into your blog like in the old days. Merely learn from the set back and bounce. Be watchful, be vigilant of the analytics, make changes here and there, and things will eventually see the light of day!

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