Frequently Asked Questions On Signal Booster At Workplace

There exist very few places than offices where signal boosters are more useful. With workplace buildings being spread across multiple levels, there would be zones with a lack of cellular signals. Both 3G repeaters and 4G boosters can improve the existing signals through multiple antennae. A booster is the most useful for people in office cubicles that do not get enough signals to work. To get the most out of mobile signal boosters, everything from the installation to maintenance has to be done right. Here is a compilation of FAQs regarding signal boosting systems for workplace settings.

Can I Set Up The Booster At Workplace On My Own?

In some cases, you may install it by yourself. However, in most cases, we suggest hiring professionals or technicians for the installation service. It depends on the number of antennae you will require at the office. If it is 1 to 4, then you may be capable of doing it on your own. If more antennae should be installed in multiple levels, you could do with professional installation as there may be more variables involved in it.

How Many Square Feet Does It Cover?

A booster’s coverage depends on its gain, the number of coaxial cables and splitters utilized in its installation, the existence of concrete-based walls, and the strength of signals outside. These factors may vary by building, and the coverage description on the product’s package or website is just an approximate figure. Installation professionals should be capable of calculating your precise signal strength after doing a venue survey. In the event they cannot do it or can provide you with just an estimate, then we would suggest going for another booster vendor.

Should I Install Multiple Boosters For Every Single Carrier?

We suggest choosing a booster that is described as ‘carrier agnostic’, or that works with every single cellular carrier at the same time. There is no more cost-effective booster system than it. Whichever may be your telecommunications service provider, carrier agnostic boosters would work for your business.

After Installing It, Will There Be Call Drops In My Office Building?

If the repeater system you use for workers is of the ‘carrier agnostic’ type, the issue of call drop would not happen there. Whichever network one uses at the workplace, signals will be amplified through it. In the event it is a different kind of booster, some people might occasionally experience call drops, depending on their carrier.

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