Top 10 CBD Brands In US

CBD has been the new trend in the market. Rightly so, CBD products have every reason for the popularity being showered on it. The miracle drug has changed lives for the better, with millions of new patients flocking to it in hopes of controlling their ailments and CBD doesn’t fail to deliver, in that regard.

The CBD industry has turned into a behemoth that will be raking in an estimated $20 billion by the time the calendar pages turns to 2024. The present valuation of the industry is estimated at around $1 billion for the year 2019. These are no meagre figures, and just goes to show how much of a phenomenon this lifesaving drug has become.

The reason for the outstanding success was not written in stone, destined to happen but more so, because people were left with no alternative medication that gave them the effective recovery with least side effects. The many drugs that had become a staple resident on their bedside table top like aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol all came with long-term side effects that increased the risks of cardiac arrest and strokes.

With the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, the fate was sealed and CBD-derived hemp had officially become just as legal as wheat was. What this also meant was that CBD stores would pop in every other street corner, and the shelves would be stacked with CBD products for the everyday customer to choose from. The choices by the way are plenty! So much so that customers were being overwhelmed.

But when the market gates opened in the case of the CBD industry, you would know that plenty of bad apples would have mixed with the bunch. We will be taking a look at the top best CBD brands for customers to keep an eye out for. These brands are trustworthy, and give out great quality products at the price. Check out the crème de la crème of the CBD industry.

The Top 10 CBD Brands In US To Look Out For

The brands are categorised in no particular order of quality of products, popularity nor relevance.

  • Verma Farms

This is one company that has a wide range of products, to suit your each and every need; from their Boost oils that are aimed to provide all-day long energy to their Chill oil that is to be used for anyone who needs to slip into deep sleep nirvana every night, or perhaps the Focus oil to raise your alertness and keep you sharp between the ears throughout the day.

For anyone who has paid attention to their logo and knows a thing or two about Hawaiian culture will be able to tie the two together. The company brings in plenty of attributes of the culture into each and every one of their products from values of healthy and clean living to that of purity. All of the products put out by Verma farms are free from THC and pesticides and are sourced from home-grown American hemp.

This is a must try brand for anyone trying CBD for the first time.

  • Kanibi

This Utah-based company has set its goals on putting out top of the line CBD products out on the market for everyone to use. This brand makes sure to put out products that taste good (albeit the occasional earthy taste of the CBD) to make sure that consumers don’t feel like they are having a rancid tasting medicine but more so a savoury candy. This is also the reason why Kanibi’s products are a favourite among audiences of a younger age bracket.

Transparency is also another winning quality that they strictly follow with all their products. Anyone can simply check up their website for lab data that is put out, giving relevant details on the various constituents in their products. These CBD products are also doubly laboratory tested for superior quality control. One other USP of this CBD company is the efforts that they put into product innovation. Every other product that they put out will challenge their previous ones in a pursuit of continuous betterment.  If you have bought any of their products, you would also agree on the great customer service that they provide; it is quick and hassle-free.

The line of products that Kanibi makes available to the market include Sports creams, CBD gummy, CBD soft gels and their most hotly brought product being their CBD full-spectrum 1500mg tincture.

  • Nuleaf Naturals

This is a Colorado-based brand that takes pride in perfecting in whole-plant extracts. The best thing about this is that, users are allowed the complete goodness of the hemp plant. The effect of the whole plant being used, leads to a better rounded coverage of the body, creating a more ‘holistic’ experience that is more beneficial. Nuleaf naturals does this by making use of organic and sustainable practices in their produces. The end result is the most premium, top quality Full-spectrum CBD that you can lay your hands on.

Nuleaf Naturals is the choice for you, if you are looking for something to add in your morning coffee or your post-workout protein shake to help kick-start things!

  • PureKana

A company that focuses on quality and meeting customer needs. PureKana was one of the first companies to come on the scene when the CBD boom occurred, making it a household name by now. They also grow all their produce in the US.

PureKana offers plenty of products in a variety of flavours to choose from. For example their CBD oils come in the flavours of natural citrus, mint, fruity pebbz among others. This is a top-tier CBD company that everyone must have on their product buying list. Try out their products and it will speak for itself.

  • Koi

Ask anyone who has been using CBD for a while, about Koi’s and they will immediately tell you they’re good. Koi is one of the top names in the CBD business which has made its presence known well before even the farm bill was enacted in 2018. With a strong network and experience, the well-established brand is able to provide the highest quality of CBD out there. If you need a CBD brand you can blindly trust, then Koi is the one.

Their specialisation is especially in CBD oil that come in a variety of aromas and flavourings from peppermint to lemon-lime and spearmint.

  • Charlotte’s Web

Who wouldn’t know Charlotte’s web? The inspiring story of the 6 year old girl, Charlotte figi, had become a viral sensation further boosting the credibility of CBD to the masses. There were numerous stories, and tweets that raptured everyone’s attention and got everyone second guessing the painkiller pill bottle in their bathroom cabinet. What no conventional medicine could do, CBD did. Charlotte had a serious form of epilepsy which was controlled using a special strain of CBD synthesised specially for Charlotte by the Stanley brother’s up in their California-based farm.

The Stanley brother’s evolved their name to ‘Charlotte’s web’ in respect of the brave little girl. The products that they put out use the same winning potent formula. Do check out their products as they are truly life-changing, in every sense of the word!

  • Joy organics

The ‘family friendly CBD brand’ is what Joy organics prides itself as. Their transparency of methods, ingredients and sources bring in a new wave of trust among their repeat customers who have found Joy Organic to be an excitement to be part of. The CBD products they produce make use of extra virgin olive oil as the base which allows for a smooth taste while taking it in. The pricing of their products are also reasonable and a bang for your buck. Plus your kids will love the taste of these products!

  • CBDfx

One look at the packaging and you will realize that this company focuses on fun just as much as it does on work. They offer a wide array of high-quality products right from CBD isolate, broad spectrum and Full-spectrum forms of CBD products. CBDfx take pride in their source of produce being all American. It uses MCT base oil which is one of the best carrier oils to use with CBD. If you are looking for a product that is 100% vegan, then you will have found what you’re looking for in CBDfx.

There are a variety of interesting flavours to choose from as well including blueberry, pineapple lemon, and litchi among 10 other flavours. If you are tired of the same old flavours of CBD then check out CBDfx to be pleasantly surprised.

  • Premium Jane

It is exactly what it is named. Premium. The brand has a wide range of premium top end CBD products for use such as oils and tinctures. The pricing for most of their products are in the mid-$40 range, which when compared to the quality of their produce is a bargain. These come in a variety of flavour as well from mint and citrus to mint chocolate. The hemp derived CBD products come in many dosages from 300mg to 1000mg. You can add any of these to your meals or your drinks to give you a healthy boost up.

  • Lazarus Naturals

Looking closely at their labelling, you will find “consciously crafted CBD” plastered across it. Lazarus Naturals meant every sense of the word when they put it there! The company focuses on delivering products that are natural and of superior quality. It is their oils that they are known for, which by the way are quite potent Full-spectrum CBD extracts. Further, the products are completely THC-free and have some interesting flavours like Blood orange and Tropical breeze that will make you lift your brow for a moment!

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